The Tommy Armstrong Society

Stanla Markit

Stanley Market early 1900's

IF ye be bad en off yer meat, and would like te be put reet
Tek a walk some Friday neet, up te Stanley Market.
All kinds of doctors there ye'll see, they're aall as busy as can
Its we te tell the bigest lee, while tellin' ower what they can
Te hear them on they are that clivor ,they can make new lungs
and livor,
In fact they'll make ye live for ever, up at Stanley Market.

Chorus: Fol de rol de rol de ray ,Fol de rol de rol de ray,
Fol de rol de rol de ray,Up at Stanley Market.

There they'll stand and gape and shout, and when the crowd
gets round about
They'll tell ye they can cure the gout, up at Stanla Market.
They'll preach away and never smile, It's really grand te see
their styles;
They'll tell ye they can cure the piles, tumors, ulcered throats,
or boils.
There they'll stand from six te ten, and tell the good they've
done for men;
They think the pitmen doesn't ken ,that gans te Stanley Market
And when ye get mixed up in the thrang, ye'11 find it hard te
travel alang;
And ye'll hear some stranger singin' a sang, up at Stanla
There's a chap wi' second hand clathes, and boots and shoes,
he's full of praise,
But tek nee notice what he says, he only wants yer bits o' pays,
There's sausage, ducks and saveloys, and there's a stall wi'
nowt but toys
Te please the little girls and boys, up at Stanley Market.

There's bullets and spice and pies and wigs, tatty choppers,
brakes and gigs,
And ye'll often see a chap wi' pigs, up at Stanley Market.
There's black puddin's, nearly white, they're mase te suit yer
One'll serve from six te eight, they suit a chap that's rather
In rain or snow ye need'nt fret, there's umberellas for you to
Te keep ye dry amang the wet, up at Stanley Market.
There ye'll see a grand Machine, it shines like silver, nice and
It tries the nerves of fat and lean, up at Stanley Market. There's
legs of pork from Rotterdam, bacon, beef and home-fed ham,
Blackcurrant, and strawberry jam, and any amount of veal and
Ye can get a tip, but divven't hev't, ie ye divven't knaa how the
horse is bred,
There's pots te stand belaa the bed, up at Stanley Market.