The Tommy Armstrong Society

The Cat Pie

A local butcher

THORE'S been a grand dinner not far frae Sheel Raw,
At a place th' call Stanley, for testen th' jaw; Tiv a hoose
ivory Sunda' sum cheps used to gan, An' eat all th' meat
thit wis boil ir th' pan.

Fal the dal laddie Sing
fal the dal day Fal the
dal laddie Sing fal the
dal day

These chaps used to gan an' sit doon on a seat, Thae
knew thit Jack alwis had plenty i' meat; But Coxon
an' Charlton went oot for te try To catch an awd cat
for to muaik them a pie.
Th' cat thit thae gat wis elivon eer awd, Thae knew
w' th' pie thit these cheps wad be glad; So thae kill'd
it, an' clean'd it, an' teuk off each lim, When th' pie
wis awl riddy thae shoved pussy in.
Th' cat being se awd, thae thowt 'twad be dry,
So thae put potted heed in to gravy th' pie,
Then into th' yuven th' pie wis then put, Th'
yuven wis het an' th' door wis kept shut.
Wen th' pie wis awl riddy an' nicely keukt, Into
th' pantry Bob Charlton then teukt; Th' crust he
broke into se cunnen an' sly, Te muaik them
believe they'd eaten th' pie.

So in cums Joe Peel, Joe Witfield, an' Bob, Like other
times, thae wor mean't for th' gob; Bob Charlton then
whispered te Witfield se slee; "If thoo lucks i1 th1
pantry a pie thoo can see."
Thae thowt 'twis a rabbit, an hoo to muaik thares,
Charlton gat Coxon to gan up th' stairs; Bob Witfield
then thowt a grand trick he wad try So he into th'
pantry an' off wi' th1 pie.
He off alang, th' Raw an1 doon intiv a field, He
thowt he'd deun clivor th' pie for te steal; Him
an' Joe Peel se contentedly sat, Enjoyen thorsels
wi1 th' lims iv a cat.
Charlton an' Coxon buaith laft fit to bust; Te see
them on chewen th' cat an' th' crust; Joe Peel gat
a leg thit he thowt wis eneuf, He sais, "Bob, it's
nice, but it's terable teuf."
Thae eat sum iv pussy, an' drove a bit crack, Until
thae agreed for te tuaik th' pie back; Wen thae gat to
th' hoose, thae went at it aguam, Till in th' pie dish
thor was ardly a buain.
Ye wad a left if ye'd only been in, Wen Bob Charlton
held up befor them th' skin; As seun is th' skin e th'
pussy thae saw, Thae ran te th' dor an' thae started to
Th' cat wis awl eaten, but just th' cat skin, But it wad
been eaten had thae puten't in; Poor pussy it's guain,
but thor's men iv its place, Th' mice dorsent luck
these young cheps e th' face.