The Tommy Armstrong Society

The Kaiser And The War

Soldiers on the way from the front

KAISER Bill is busy still, he tells us what he means, By building all
those floating mines and likewise submarines; He thinks he can
defeat the world and rule both land and sea, We know what he is
trying for — and what he will not be.
To murder and destruction he is doing all he can,
This has been his motto ever since the war began,
His weapons are all special made, the innocent to kill,
God send the gout to both the feet of dirty Kaiser Bill.

It makes our very blood run cold each day to read the news,
The ships which they are putting down, their passengers and crews;
Not a living soul on board will they attempt to save,
They stand and laugh to see them go down to a watery grave.
They say it is their orders that every ship they see.
Which they can, they must put down, no matter whose it be,
Whatever he tells us to do we must obey his will,
May the gout run up the legs of selfish Kaiser Bill.

To be the King of England was German Bill's ambition,
He was coming through by Belgium without asking their permission;
From there he had to fight his way until he got to France —
To England he was coming next, but did no get the chance.
"Britons never shall be slaves" we very often sing,
But we would have a German song if German Bill was King;
Instead of being on Britain's Throne — he'll be put through the mill
Every German sausage made will taste of Kaiser Bill.

On the sea, and in the sea, and high up in the air, If any murders can
be done you will find them there; The Zeppelins do their work by
night, they keep inside all day, It suits them best, when dark and late,
for taking lives away. But we have got his master now, and he has
got to know That we can fly above his Zepp, and send it down
below; There's nothing that he can invent the Zeppelin's place to fill
— It's nearly broke the tender heart of dirty Kaiser Bill.

He was the first to start to war, the first to cry for peace, Since he
knew it was refused — his vengeance has increased; The war will
soon be over and the Allies will have won, Then he will have time to
sit and think of what he's done. He has made himself a name which
he will always keep, His murders will be talked about at both sides
of the deep; May he suffer night and day the Scriptures to fulfil, When
he is dead the name will live of "Dirty Kaiser Bill."