The Tommy Armstrong Society

Th' Row Between Th' Caiges

Miners in a cage at the work face

ONE mornen wen aw went ta wark,
Th' seet wis most exsiten, .d ard a
noise, en luckt eroond,
En we de ye think wis fiten? .w
stud amais'd en at thim gaisd,
Te see thim in such raiges; or aw
nivor seed e row like that
Between th' Brockwil caiges.

Wor aud caig sais, "Cum over th' gaits,
Becaws it's mei intenshin 'e let th'
see wethor thoo or me
Is th' best inveshin." he' neuin been
rais'd, teuk off his clais,
Then at it thae went dabin; 'h'
blud wis runen doon th' skeets,
En past th' weimin's cabin.

Wor aud caige sais, "Let's hen me clais,
Thoo thowt thit thoo cud flae me;
iut if aw'd been is young is thoo
Aw's certain aw cud pae th'." Y
paitint nockt hees ankel off,
I In th' buaith ad cutten fuaices; 'h'
shifters rapt three for te ride,
So th' buaith went to thor plaices.

Wen gannen up en doon th' shaft, th' paitint
caige did threetin U* luaik wor audin's
life stopt it meeten; i mid cage
bauld oot is thae pas't; I'hno nasty,
dorty paitint, i thus ies eguain th'
skeets — think thoo's ardly wakinit."

Th' paitint te wor aud caige sais:
"Altho' aw be a strangor, Aw kin
work me wark is weel is thoo,
An free th' men freh daingor; Noo, if
th' rope shud brick we me,
Aud skinny jaws just watch us,
Thoo'l see me clag on te th' skeets,
For aw's full e springs en catches.

Wor aud caige te th' paitint sais:
"Aw warnd thoo think thoo's clivor,
Becaws thi'v polished thoo we paint,
but thoo'l not last for ivor; Th'
paint on thoo 'ill weer awae,
En then thoo's lost thei beuty;
Th' nivor painted me at awl,
En still aw've deun me deuty."

Th' braiksmin browt thim buaith te bank,
Th' mischeef for te
settil; Thae fit freh five
o'clock te six,
En th' paitint won th'
battle. It teuk th'
braikemin half e shift
Te clag thim up we plaistors;
Wor aud caige sent hees
noatece in,
But just te vext th' maistors.

SPOKEN:—Thor matcht to fite
eguain, but not under Queensbury
Rools. Wor aud caige fancies fiten we
th' bare fist. Aw'll let ye naw wen it
comes off. It 'ill heh to be kept quite; if
the bobby gets to naw, thae'll be buaith
teun, becaws th' winit aloo bare fist
fitem noo. Keep lucken in th' Christian
Arald, en yil see wen it comes off, en
ware. Thor's six to fower on the auden
noo. Bet nowt te that dae, en aw'll see
ye in the field; it's a cheet.