The Tommy Armstrong Society

About The Society

The Tommy Armstrong Society are a group of like minded people who have come together to extend and develop public awareness of the importance of the poet and his works and to preserve his memory.

To provide opportunity for fellow enthusiasts to meet together from time to time - in places associated with the poet to promote his works and exchange news and views.

We arrange concerts with folk groups singing songs written by Tommy Armstrong and hope to arrange other events - see the Notice board for up to date news.

Society Membership

To become a member of the Tommy Armstrong Society, which is completely free of charge, please write to :
 The Tommy Armstrong Society c/o 13 Errington Drive, Tanfield Lea, Stanley DH9 9PD.
Alternatively you can enter your details into our  mailing list application form, or you can use our contact form.

Committee members:

Ray Tilly (Poet's Grandson)
Bettie Marshall (Poet's Great Niece)
Diane Ward (Poet's Great Great Great Niece)
Brian Milner (Secretary)
Joe Wilson
Gerrard Ash
Judith Murphy